Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Do it

I fell asleep at 3:00AM and I was up at 8:00 this morning which means I got a total of 5hrs. of sleep.
Coffee. Sugar. Anything. To help fuel my morning!

I made some oatmeal, and mixed in some coffee creamer. Creative or healthy? I am a poor college student, working on improving my fitness and eating habits.

My family came down to help me pack up my stuff, since I will be moving back home in a few days. I was refreshing to see them, and catch up on life over some lunch at Shari's. My wonderful roomate came with my family and I and we had a decent time.

After the long break it was time to hit the books, and finish my study guide. It took me much longer than I thought. I needed some snacks to get me through all the tedious work so I headed to Walgreens and picked up some Granola bites with flaxseed, blueberries, and cranberries. The ingredients were all pretty natural. I was impressed with the density, and flavor of these small bites. They were good.

I had a 3 hour bible final tonight. After I completed it I just wanted to head back to my room and collapse. But, I didn't. Yah for me. Guess where I headed instead. The hotub to soak and relax GYM!
 I took Monday off, and I knew I would be dissapointed if I let my 1 rest day stretch into a week.
It meant so much to me to be able to get into the gym when I had planned to in my mind. Are there some things you have been wanting to follow through on? I love Nike's Just do it slogan. So simple. I tell myself that when I hear a massive mixture of excuses in my head as to why I cant workout, finish my project, call my friend, eat the piece of cake dripping with chocolate frosting apple. Just Do It.


Elliptical 10:00
Treadmill 6.7-7.7mph for 30:00
Treadmill 4.0 for 5:00
8-minute abs video (feel the burn)

I love my 8-min ab workout. I can feel it the next day, and Its easy to keep up with.
I honestly could have done some strenght training, but I figured I would let it slide for today, and get some extra rest so I can make it through finals! Two more Exams.

Alright there is my first post! Many more memories to come. See you tomorrow.