Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

Happy 2011!
Its the 2nd day of the New year and I am already trying to chip away at my goals. This is the 1st year for me to officially set some; I usually just write it off because I was younger and all I heard is New Years resolutions are meant to be broken. Well..... setting these goals has renewed my focus, and allowed me to get a handle on the little things that have been bugging me. Lets look at my resolutions/goals!

11 in 2011
1.Read a bible verse everyday (My reading has gone offfffff track! I really want to incorporate scripture into my daily routine, and setting my sights at a verse a day allows me to not feel overwhelmed. I can read more, but definitely not less.)

2. Lose 40 pounds by April 1st. (Its time) My starting weight is 185, definitely the biggest I have EVER been. I am a little upset with myself, but this stuff happens in life. Now I just have to face the problems and create a brand new me. Goal weight 140-145. Maybe 150? I just want to be healthy and lively again!

3. Save 10% of Every Check min. I really need to save more!

4. Exercise 3x a week. This is a must! I feel better, and this will help me with my overall health and weight loss goals

5. Get a job. I am currently unemployed. Never has this happened. I have an interview on Monday. Prayers!

6. Keep in touch with friends. I am out of HS now, and I want to stay in touch with a few people that are dear to my heart.

7. Vegetarianism.... I have been thinking about going vegan for a while now. In fact I eat a predominately vegan diet. Maybe going clean is a better route. Wait! I don't know if I am ready to kick the diet soda for good. We Shall see. I just wan to dapple with either or both through out the year.

8. Run a 5k.

9. Contact agency. I signed a contract with Heffner Management last year. After stress, basketball, and to many ate night snacks, my weight crept up 40-45 pounds! YIKES. I have to get back to my former weight to continue with the agency. I just want to be healthy this time.

This is what I used to look like:
Sorry they are smaller. I will try to compose another post with more details about his time in my life. Anyways I don't look like that right now :(

10. Travel... France, Colorado, Cali (maybe in the summer with my Bestie), New York, the Caribbean. I am thinking about solidifying the location, but I know I am going to do it.

11. Blog. More, more, more!

Yep that's my top 11. I am excited for the year, this is the first time I have entered it with clarity!
What are your hopes for the new year?

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